Wherever you go, there is possibly no better way to know a smoker than to look for an ashtray. And they seem to be everywhere, don’t they? On the main table in the living room, in the bedroom and sometimes you even get them in a washroom. All of these often make people wonder just why they are so common. Why would everyone prefer using an ashtray? In this article, we have mentioned some of the merits of using an ashtray, if you want more information then visit hemper.co/collections/all-dab-rigs. There are many stores who are seeing this. You can sure find one, but since there are many products and you may get confused, you need to select the best one which fits your needs and budget. Once you do that then things will be much easier. If you are buying offline, you can get a feel of the product and then based on that select which one is the most suitable for you. If you are buying online then you can see the reviews and find out experience of the people who have already bought it and based on that make your buy decision that will make things much easier.

Benefits of using an ashtray

There are many advantages of using an ashtray for a person. However, we have mentioned the most important ones in this article. However, we are sure these few points are solid enough to make you want to go and purchase one right now.

  1. Keep your premises clean: Ashtrays are incredibly helpful when it comes to keeping your surroundings free of cigarette butts. The one fundamental thing about us humans is that we love cleanliness. Also, usually there is just one reason why many people end up throwing cigarette butts here and there: they do not get a proper place to throw them and if you want to read more make it a point that you visit hemper.co/collections/all-dab-rigs. This is a very important thing if you have kids at home. You do not want your smoking ash to be scattered here and there. It can cause serious issues to your kids. They may get an allergy; there could be many more problems. Also if you have elders in the house, there could be many more issues, like asthma, cold and cough due to this ash. So it is a very important thing to keep the ash try in the right place and not let the ash scatter here and there, it is never healthy if that happens, for one persons smoking the whole home cannot suffer. There are many options, and you should be selecting the best based on your needs.
  2. Safety from accidental fire: This is an incredibly important point. There have been countless instances where a partially lit cigarette butt has led to a mini fire. Sometimes, these fires can get really big. To be honest, the worst thing about these kinds of fires is that they are completely avoidable. All you need is to purchase a small ashtray for yourself and that is it. This is a very important thing and lots of people do not take it seriously at all. You do not want that to happen. There are many people who may cause some serious issues, due to smoking and a small or big fire may be caused to due to smoking. You need to be very careful and if possible get a fire extinguisher ready in your home if you are a chain smoker.
  3. Legal Mandate: In many places, it is mandated by law to have an ashtray. Smoking without them can lead to penalties and repeated digressions may lead to serious repercussions. Hence, buying cigarettes would help you in following the law.
  4. Bring smokers together: Lastly, an ashtray does a very simple yet profound thing. It brings all the smokers together. This leads to a number of benefits. All the butts remain in one place. The smoke does not affect nonsmokers. The entire routine of smoking becomes a lot more systematic and the list just goes on and on.


Hence, it can be safely stated that ashtrays can turn out to be really beneficial. Often, we ask people to imagine thirty ashtrays being bought every year at a large organization. That might seem like lot of additional money spent. However, what if someday a fire breaks out because someone left a burning cigarette in a bin? Now, ask yourself and tell us. Was not that additional money ‘splurged’ on ashtrays completely worth it? make it a point that you go in for hemper.co/collections/all-dab-rigs.

So what are you waiting for? Just go in for an ashtray and you will never have a problem, with the ash lying around.

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