Without paper and filtering the smoke through the water you will have a wide selection of bong models, both crystal and acrylic, so you can find one that matches your tastes. Until now this type of pieces was quite expensive, but in our catalogue, you will find bongs of all prices and tastes. When smoking in a joint, we absorb 20% of the cannabinoids contained in the plant; in a Bong, we will increase the absorption to 25 %, since much more smoke will enter our lungs at the same time. Luxe Products USA will get a good smoke without using tobacco or paper, with a clean and fresh smoke full of active ingredients.

You have big size bongs for the most fumes at Luxe Products USA, with which you will enjoy alone or in the company of a good smoke. You have different models of Bong from 45cm to 51cm, of the highest in the market. You will get a good amount of smoke to stay inside your body, and when absorbing you will take more smoke to the lungs than with any smaller bong. To part, they are very well like decorative articles since they have designs and very striking drawings.

There are small and medium bongs for individual and daily use, so you do not have to walk with your bong up and down. You have bongs like the medium of 15cm, with a large bowl ideal for the bong smoker who usually goes with him everywhere. There are models such as the small Bong Fuzion, which with a height of 20cm will become your best ally in smokes. If you want to take it with you it does not matter if you want a big one, Luxe Products USA also have 49.5cm tall Bongs with carrying case.

Find the newest models, such as the Bong with two bowls with which you can smoke two varieties at once and mix flavours. Another of the most striking Bong models is the Bong with 4 hoses, with which you can fill a bowl and smoke 4 people from the same Bong. You have Bongs of little-seen materials, like the Bamboo Bongs or the Acrylic Bongs with new designs. Luxe Products USA are incorporating new models and exclusive designs so that our customers have a Bong that is not seen and of good quality. The Bong Percolator will give you a double filtering to your smoke, getting much fresher to your mouth. Also, with a bong to oiler conversion kit you can smoke, apart from your grass, BHO in the same Bong.

There are many other medium-sized bong models where you can choose your favourite since each one has a design with specific drawings or characteristics that differentiate it from another such as the width of the mouth or the size of the bowl. Looking for the Bong you are looking for both for you and for a gift you will find one that suits you and your needs or tastes in our Bongs catalogue. All with a complete description where we explain the measures you have, the material and how we see it from our point of view, to save you surprises once you have it at home.

When making a purchase or purchasing a new product it is important that we know all the possibilities that the market gives us today. Having the maximum information on the typologies of the best Bong on sale is a great advantage to make the right decision. For this reason, it is very beneficial to have proof of the latest sales lists and scoops in the Bong sector, so that we can face our choice with sufficient evidence, thus ensuring the tranquillity of making a good purchase.

What Luxe Products USA has?

The Spliff Stick pipe is practically the same system, but instead of putting the marijuana directly we can put our joint. We will put a metal nozzle that includes the pipe to our joint, and we can put it on the tip of the pipe so that when smoking the smoke is cleaned with its circuit. If you are more of the Bong, we have a category dedicated to them. Will s dozens of models with various designs and sizes, both to take with you to have him home. There is small glass Bongs that although they measure 15cm they have a good bowl, so you can stick better puffs than in some larger models. You will have designs of Bongs with marijuana leaves, of various sizes and materials. The most typical are straight glass, but we also have the shape of a test tube to the American and even models made with a bamboo cane.

You have medium models like the Shisha of 47cm or the Shisha of 51cm, which are used both for daily use and for decorating when we have them in disuse. Large Shishas such as 57cm are Hookahs that are used more for occasions when your friends come home and you want a good smoke; we can smoke two people at a time.

You will have plastic nozzles for the hoses of your Shisha so that each one smokes with theirs and does not suck where all, they are used in public places as in tea rooms. It also serves to not wear out the wooden nozzles when sucking, since sometimes we wet them with saliva. You will have tobacco of different flavours for your shisha, and coal for you to light it and smoke well. In the category of hookahs and Shishas, nothing will be missing.

If you break the bowl in a mistake, you will have spare parts so you can continue using your hookah without any problem. There are normal bowls for Shisha and models that allow you to smoke two flavours like the double bowl for Shisha or the bowl for two flavours, which has a wall that divides the bowl in half. Continue reading and access the list of best-selling Bong below, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your needs, in the easiest way and in a single click at Luxe Products USA.

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