What is Fortnite and how did it become the talk of town?

The realm of gaming and graphics has expanded drastically in the present, especially with regards to mobile video games. The jam-packed action of a graphic interface that was only characteristic to play stations that people would willingly pay a fortune for, is now available and easily accessible to people all around the world. Games are even up for free downloads on many play stores across operating systems which have made gamers worldwide, happy and content!

Some games hit the market and immediately gather a fan base of millions because of their concepts, graphics, execution and most of all, attractive factor to the audience. There is a fool proof formula that makes some kinds of games a success: the story and plot. While games may come in every shape and size, they’re largely divided into categories based on the genre. The most successful genre with youth these days is action; adventure and role playing strategy games that let the player assume an identity and fight his way to victory. When you breed this with the ability for big groups to play together on a local network, it brings another level of thrill and excitement fuelled by personal agendas. The result is a game that will not only be an instant favourite among the youth but will stick around for a long time to maybe even become immortal. One such game is the infamous Fortnite.

How is Fortnite played?

The entire concept of the game, how it is built and how it is presented to the player is what gets it the few extra points and a place it all gamers’ hearts. The basic storyline of the game is based off the popular coming of age genre of ‘Battle Royale’. This simply indicates that the player has to fight and kill off everyone else in a surreal world setting to emerge victorious. The plot can be viewed in 5 different stages of gameplay beginning from the inception of your character to its death. The same can be traced as follows:

  1. First, a total of 100 people are carried on a floating vehicle at a height and dropped to a random location beneath them. A player must navigate his parachute and lands at a location of his choice, where he can collect all kinds of weaponry, learn to build tools and shelter, etc.
  2. Once the player has landed on the location, all he has is a basic tool that he can further use to make weapons and the goal of the player becomes to scavenge as many weapons as possible, build and arsenal and fend off the enemies. If you choose to play alone, everyone is your enemy. You can also play in duets or in squads, which entail a minimum of four people.
  • The most thrilling feature of Fortnite is the fact that the map keeps contracting and becoming smaller every other while in the game. Every few minutes, the game will display a location on the entire map which will be marked ‘safe’ with a red circle. All people present on the location will have to come to this space to continue being in the game, within a stipulated amount of time. If the player fails to do so, his health will start declining and he will eventually tire out his character who will then die. This ‘safe zone’ continues to shrink in size every few minutes with the new zone appearing inside the current one and the player needs to constantly keep moving. Throughout the game, the players gun each other down and one player/ duo or squad wins the game by surviving till the end. There is no scope for you to hide out in a corner till the game ends to survive – you would have to keep moving as the game commands you to.
  1. Throughout the duration of the gameplay, your character will pick up different skills including that of building structures from the limited resources you get. As the game progresses you can collect and utilise the different resources to your advantage. You can build structures or ‘forts’ to defend you, hide from the constant fear of enemies and build your player valuation.
  2. It is the perfect blend between Minecraft and a classic apocalyptic movie, both of which have proven to be immense successes in their own genres. Needless to say, Fortnite has made a name for itself as a Battle Royale pioneer by striking the right chords with the audience which is largely made of younger gamers and coming of age clients. A player can win the game by simply surviving, but this survival needs lots of skill and practice!

What makes Fortnite special from other games?

It is not uncommon to see many games fail at the very outset when they are introduced to the world. You need a fool proof formula for what you are presenting to the world, but you also need a good instinct with what works and what does not. The factors that absolutely work in the favour of Fortnite are:

  • The fresh and insightful story line. A good plot is the basis of any creative media, be it television, movies or games.
  • Great graphics and gaming interface. All this comes with a good production house and investment in the project.
  • Good marketing strategy. Fortnite came and went in conversations even before it was launched. It garnered a lot of attention from the internet, which made it an anticipated release.
  • Different outlook. This game beats a lot of strong competitors in its own domain because of the way it is presented.

Fortnite is definitely a game to watch out for. It has been a roaring success in the gaming industry so far, and will continue to be for a while, judging form the response. If you haven’t started playing the game with your friend yet, it is recommended that you jump into this bandwagon soon.

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