Laura Petracca

“Laura likes to live fast and doesn’t answer to anyone. She has a heart of gold and will make you laugh until your stomach hurts. She comes from a long line of drummers in her family and knew that she was destined for the spotlight since the day she could speak. She enjoys long walks home from one night stands, whiskey and getting naked.”

                                                                                Kiyomi Valentine

‘Kiyomi is a half human, half sashimi rockstar whose voice is the wasabi to your soy sauce. Growing up in Toronto, she learned to play Led Zepplin covers on the guitar while breast feeding. Most commonly recognized from her spin on The Real L Word, Kiyomi is surprisingly much more than a reality TV personality…She’s a real. Ass. Human. (and sushi dish)”

                                                                                        Leanne Bowes

“Leanne Bowes has been a bassist for more than 10 years and is currently living in Brooklyn, NY.
She studied advertising and hated it.
So, she hopped in the van with the girls of Hunter Valentine and has never looked back”

                                                                                          Lisa Bianco

“Lisa was born in New York and is a self-described hippie punk and gear head. She was classically trained in flute and piano as a child but threw that all away to play rock n roll.
Her influences include Nirvana, U2 and Kerouac. Wishful thinking to be in an all female powerhouse band landed herself in Hunter Valentine. “