What is a radar detector?

Advancement of technology has provided with gadgets that not only aid in one’s help but also get used up in bypassing or warning up for some other technology. Radar Detector is one such technology of today’s times. A radar detector is a device used by drivers of bike or car to detect any speed check done over their vehicle by the police or any other law enforcing body using a radar gun. The main use of the equipment is to give the driver ample amount of time for reducing his or her speed before he gets booked for any kind of rash driving in case he is riding at a very high speed. A majority of the radar detectors uses signals from a wide range of wavelengths like X, K and K(a). The main advantage of the detector is that it usually senses stray and scattered radiations and then uses these to warn the driver for slowing down the vehicle much before the time. Seeing this wide importance of a radar detector, a major number of companies are already involved in cutting-edge research for this. This article majorly deals with the best radar detector for the money.

The popular brands

On the basis of the search made by a majority of the populace regarding best radar detector for the money, the following three have been declared as the leading brands that produce the high-cut end of technology to fabricate the best of the products in this field: –

  • Escort- Having an industrial experience of more than 35 years and winning many awards in the past years, Escort is widely known for its advanced and robust quality and engineering of technology for radar detector that provide extremely fast and far reaching detection in the most precise and accurate method.
  • Uniden- Aiming for innovation with sustainability, it is another brand that is not hidden from the limelight and has produced gadgets that have been earning a great deal of reputation in the market in the past years.
  • Beltronics- A division of the parent Escort brand, Beltronics provides the highest performance for its radar detectors fabricated out of a lot of research and dedicated time.

Although all three of these brands use a very higher end of technology, still they differ somehow n some aspects and have some unique features in their products.

The popular products

Based on the popular ratings and unique qualities of the product the following have been declared as the best radar detector for the money: –

  • Uniden R3 Extreme – The most shining and popular model of its class, Uniden R3 Extreme holds a lot of innovative features and high resulted units that come at an extremely economical rate without causing much of the monetary problems. It has the longest range of detection in comparison to the other detectors in the market. It has a very high sensitivity and uses K and K(a) filters to detect the signals from a large distance ago. The most striking feature of it is its advanced level of digital signal processing aka DSP that counters any form of false alarms or triggers and hence provides a mute button to silence the detector in case it produces any false alarm even during travelling at a low speed. It hardly goes detectable by the police and can get easily mixed with the other fittings over the car. To act as an icing over the cake, it also provides a number of accessories like carrying case, power cable and an instruction manual for the use of this equipment.
  • Escort Passport 9500IX – Built with AutoLearn technology that can reject false alarms easily with high accuracy and Escort Live to provide real time updates regarding the speed detection, this product of Escort is the one that is not far behind in terms of popularity. Using its rapid detection sources it can alert a user well in advance and provide him or her sufficient time for speed lowering. It uses very high end modules and softwares like Traffic Sensor Rejection Software to eliminate the false alarms, Defender Database to preload the detector with locations for speed traps and red light detectors and GPS technology that uses speed sensitivity at a wide range of distance. With facilities for data backup, Escort Passport 9500IX is one of the cutting edge techs coming at a reasonable price and providing a very higher end of performance.
  • Escort Max 360 degrees – Having stood out of a large number of other products in the same field, this radar detector has antennas for side, front and rear detections thus earning it the name of Max 360 degrees. An extremely fast response and robust Digital Signal Processing Module and a GPS-powered AutoLearn Technology to eliminate any form of false alarms, this product is worth the money and capital invested over it. Its Bluetooth technology enabled Escort Live provides real time data updates, data backup, pre-set locations for red light detectors and speed traps and last but not the least the clear levels of communication in dual language.
  • Beltronics GT7 – Another of the leading products in the market, this product has a wide range of frequencies detection and protection from all forms of unfavourable situations. Its advanced level of DSP not only provides well-informed alarms but also equips with the real time data for the vehicle and the prime locations where red light detectors and speed traps are present. Adding as an icing, it comes with an excellent quality of travel case that provides a seamless driving experience to the drivers.

Pointers to look for

Before choosing any radar detector, following are the features that need to be looked for: –

  • The type of connections for the detector and if it is suitable for the vehicle
  • Robust false alarm elimination technology
  • 360 degrees’ detection for ultra-level of frequency detection
  • Clear display of texts and real time data regarding the status of the vehicle
  • Robust GPS technology equipped with higher end of DSP
  • Crystal clear communication for the best of voice alerts and other purposes

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