Airsoft is a strategy game that consists of performing military simulations using air weapons that cannot cause any lethal damage to the players. In these games you try to be as realistic as possible and therefore used replicas of guns used both now and in certain specific periods of time as for example in World War II.

This is a very popular sport today, since it represents a challenge for players who wish to develop both physical and mental abilities. In this way a great amount of modalities has been born for any type of players: for those who prefer individual games or group games, for those who prefer to perform new military simulations or those who perform simulations of historical events in past wars.

In this sense, we can mention some of the reasons why playing airsoft is worth it. Some of these reasons are the following:

  • It is a very realistic game. Whether you are practicing a military simulation or you are recreating a historical fact, this game allows you great realism in all the strategies used throughout the game. Each strategy is planned and executed in the most correct way possible.
  • It is not very expensive to carry out this activity. All that is needed is to have protection, specific guns for the game and ammunition. All these elements are very economical and can be found very easily.
  • The airsoft game is very versatile; since not only there are different modalities, but also there are different rules or types of games which combined can make each experience unique.
  • The airsoft game helps you create physical and mental skills that can help you have a healthier life, while you have a fun time.
  • This game allows you to use guns in a completely legal manner, as long as the weapons used comply with the regulations established by law.

As you can see, this game is very special, which gives it popularity today and therefore more and more people want to practice this sport.

Historical representations

One of the most popular modalities among players is to make representations of important historical events for humanity. Usually it is about replicating specific moments of wars that took place many years ago, such as the Second World War.

In this activity it is tried that all the characteristics are the most similar to the historical fact that it wanted to represent, so that weapons that look the same as those used by the soldiers in these wars are used. Not only is it important how these weapons look, it is also important to replicate the operation and the errors they had at the time they were used.

This is done in this way to ensure or try that the simulation is as accurate as possible. To achieve this goal, it is most likely that a script is used where each player has a specific role.

Roles of the airsoft players

In this type of game there are certain pre-established roles for each of the players. In this way each player knows what their objective is during the simulations, whether military simulations or historical simulations. Among some of these roles we can highlight the following:

  • There is a player who is in charge of protecting the vanguard of the team, making use of guns such as assault rifles and shotguns, among many others.
  • A player is responsible for performing medical tasks, that is to say, trying to help the teammates after being hit by a projectile during the game.
  • There are players who are responsible for providing support to short or medium distances, which are usually those with good accuracy.
  • To protect the team at great distances a player takes the sniper role, which also has the objective of monitoring if an enemy is approaching and where.
  • There is the engineer in explosives, which specializes in the use and placement of traps to surprise the opponents. This player does not usually own weapons in his arsenal.
  • There are support groups which are groups of players that always stay together to repel enemy attacks as soon as possible. In addition, they defend the players with better precision when shooting.
  • It can be said that the most important role is that player who is responsible for the strategies of the game. The team leader is the one who gives orders to the other players and establishes the tactics to use to beat the opponents.

An airsoft game that has all these players can be considered very good quality, since it will be difficult to beat the opponents quickly, making the game much more interesting.

Tactics used in airsoft games

In essence you can say that there is no type of mandatory tactic when practicing this sport. The important thing is to ensure that players can adapt to all the situations and battlefields in which they participate, so that the simulation is as realistic as possible.

There are countless strategies for this game, where each player uses different guns and different tactics to achieve a previously established goal. It is for this reason that the airsoft game is so versatile and so popular today.

Team leaders are those who determine the tactics, having to make quick attacks to surprise the opponent, more preventive attacks or simply make use of the defense as the best form of offense. These are a few examples of the most common tactics used in this game.

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