In case if you are a lover of hard-hitting music, then you must probably be a lover of power rock songs as well. But wait, what are power rock songs? Most of us are unaware that the genres hard rock and power rock are quite different. Yes, you read it right. They are not the same. However, the differences aren’t that distinguishable. You will have to be a professional musician in order to find the difference between power rock and hard rock. But today we aren’t letting this unsolved. We will hit it to the hilt and understand clearly as to how power rock and hard rock differ.

power rock

Power rock vs. Hard Rock:

Instead of defining what power rock is, we are trying to find out the difference between power rock and hard rock because these two genres are closely related. The minor differences between them can help us understand both the genres distinctively.

Hard Rock:

Hard Rock is a genre that is connected with the rock genre however it isn’t perfect genre by itself as it is quite loosely based and has no significant impact at least as far as the difference that they are trying to create by the names. Hard Rock is more than Rock genre itself. There is only a slight difference as to the difference in the fastness in the beat.

Power Rock:

The genres power rock and power pop carry just different names, but they are very much similar as there are only selective songs that are released under the power rock genre. Power rock is a little harder than hard rock. The variation between hard rock and power rock is the same difference that exists between the rock and hard rock or a little less than that.

The reason for two genres:

  • There is hardly any difference between power rock, power pop and hard rock genres. It is simply a means to quench the self-pride of well-learned musicians. No offence, but that is the only way to relax the hard-core music lovers and who simply put all fast beat songs under on head probably pop or rock. However, brushing aside all this, there are valid reasons as to why someone has to be quite particular about the classification.

  • Not many of us know that there the 1264 popular genres of music. So if I say popular, then it means that there is at least a decent population that listens to the genres here on a regular basis or at least songs under these genres exist. If all these 1264 genres are popular, then think about the songs that fall under multiple genres, genres that are not popular and the songs that simply don’t fit anywhere.

  • There is only one answer to this million dollar question, ‘Why so many genres?’ Just imagine a scene where all songs of different genres are played simultaneously and imagine they have only one name. That is nothing but a catastrophe. Music will make sense only when they fall into different categories and are played accordingly. This is the valid answer to why music is different, and there are so many genres.

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