The fear of psychic attack is the beginning of wisdom for several people out there. What do you understand by the concept? A clear understanding of it will perhaps prepare the ground for everyone to get adequately prepared to face the dangers that come with such attacks. The attack that we are referring to here is not the one that will involve the use of modern weapons of warfare. Yes, no bullet will be shot but the effects is more dangerous than the harm that a machine gun will inflict on their victim in a deadly attack.

What Is Psychic Attack

This is a form of aggression that the aggressor unleashes on the enemy from the inner recesses of the mind. You will not get any hint of such from the camp of the aggressor. It is more of a spiritual thing than that of a physical thing. The negative energy will be sent with the intention of harming the victim. This form of attack is normally directed at the victim to inflict harm upon a person. The target may be the entire enemy of the person.

The Target Of The Attack

The harm is targeted at the emotional, physical, spiritual, or mental state with the main goal of breaking the victim down. These negative deployments of harm will not come in the form of physical weapons; but it is rather in the mind and it will come in the form of jealousy, envy, anger, and the likes. When this form of attack hits the victim; it has the potential of inflicting a damaging effect on the victim.

Going by the points raised above, it can be clearly seen that you need to know some facts about this form of attack so that it will not be new to you if you fall a victim. When somebody behaves negatively towards you; it will definitely have a damaging effect on you; hence the need to be briefed on all these with the intention of getting you prepared for the worst.

Influences Based on Surroundings

The attacked people can be traced to the influence of the environment on the attacker in some cases. It can be unleashed by someone that is known to you; friends and family members are likely sources of this form of attack. When it happens for many people; a visit to the cheap psychic will become inevitable. This form of attack can be sent consciously or unconsciously. It might come without awareness or with any intent. The motivation for this form of attack is not more than jealousy, envy, and in some instances; anger.

The Weapons Deployed

It was stated earlier that the best of the modern instruments of war will not be used in this form of attack. Yet the effect of it is more telling than the havoc caused by the pellets of the machine gun. This form of attack on a person can be compared to the use of black magic, witchcraft, spell casting-all in a bid to harm the victim. This form of attack is more about the weakness of the attacker than the victim.

Reasons Why Someone Might Attack

Now let us look at some of the reasons why someone might decide to carry out a psychic attack on his fellow.


Envy is the first consideration that we are going to mention here. The attacker might be envious of your beautiful looks. The fact that your good looks steal the show on any social occasion might lead to the aggressor wanting to harm you. The cause of it might be on the successes that you have achieved as a person and collectively as a family. This is a common barometer that makes people attack their victims and which will lead to a visit to the cheap psychic.

Living In The Dark Side Of Life

There are moments in one’s lifetime. The attacker at the point of the attack is living in the dark moments of his life. So if someone is enveloped in darkness in his or her subconscious; there is the strong likelihood that the attacker will be prompted to carry out a psychic attack on his or her victim.

When There Is Lack Of Self -Conviction

Another reason for the aggressor to decide on carrying out a psychic attack on their victim might not be unconnected with the self-conviction of the aggressor. Show me a man who is low in self-conviction, there is the likelihood that he will turn an aggressor. It can be seen that the aggressor is someone that ought to be pitied rather than seen as an enemy that you will dissipate your energy fighting back.

Living In Fear

There is great insecurity in the world today. People are living in fear of their lives and properties. When you see someone who has not overcome fear; such a person can be easily tuned to committing a psychic attack on a fellow human being. It points to the fact again that those that carrying out the attack are the weaker and you the victim is in a superior position. The best thing to do is to have pity on the aggressor because of the disadvantaged position from which he is operating.

When you do not retaliate in actions against the aggressor and rather show love in return, you will be disarming him and doing your own emotional mind a lot of good. That way, you will not have much to worry about when you pay a visit to the cheap psychic.


The aggressor of that psychic attack is a victim of the bondage of one or more of the conditions that we have mentioned above. When one is under the bondage of any of the areas mentioned above; the most logical thing to do is to have pity on him. If you get to that emotional state of the mind; you will do your emotional-self a lot of good rather than harm.

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