If you are reading this, then you probably already understand what SEO is, and that SEO agencies are companies whose job is to get good traffic for your website and more customers. Now, as with most other ventures there is a lot of work to be done before the results manifest themselves. Make sure, that you hire a good harrisburg seo expert, to do the job in quick time. Also you need to be sure about what your budget is. If you are sure about the spend, then you should make professionals aware of how much you are willing to spend.

I know a lot of small entrepreneurs who have given their trust to SEO agencies to elevate them to the position of a website on search engines. They spent a lot of money, and in the end they were deceived and their place as well as the traffic on the page did not increase, but that is not always the case, there are lots of good professionals also around who do a wonderful job. I do not want this to happen to you either. I do not want to spend my money in vain, and in this article I tried to explain how to find out if your agency is doing a good or bad job as far as SEO optimization is concerned.

Your agency is doing a bad SEO job if:

They have nothing to show – they need something to show to the customers, and I’m not talking about results and a rise in ranking.. Of the three, four months of SEO optimization, do not expect significant results, so do not sweat if you do not see the top results at first. However, your SEO agency should do something with the money you gave them, so you have the right to ask what they have done so far. Here are some of the things your agency should be able to provide in the first month:

  • Analysis of your website
  • Optimize content on your website (on-page optimization)
  • Articles with links to your pages that are postedelsewhere

They do not ask you anything – a harrisburg seo expert that does a good job will need your help. You are the owner of the site, so you should be asked for the following:

  • Administrator access to your CMS
  • Administrator access to Google Analytics
  • Access to social networks and
  • List of keywords

If they do not ask you anything, they may not do anything or add a link to some spam sites, and the worst they can do is to do harmful actions for your site.

Let us see some good things to expect from a good SEO agency. They include the following:

Account managers that care: good harrisburg seo expert have account managers that care about the client. In other words, the account managers do their best to ensure that the needs of their clients are met throughout the process. They are the first and most important line of communication between the firm and the client. They are always looking to get better results and reduce the spend of the clients at all times.

Knowledgeable SEO strategists: the SEO strategists have to be knowledgeable and informed as they are the ones who design and manage the campaign. They have to be up to date on algorithm changes to keep the client ahead and the wishes met. They design customer specific campaigns as they are not the case of one size fits all.

Data driven campaign: the campaign must be driven by data with real results. The data should also be able to predict growth. It should not be metric that creates traffic without resulting in sales as a result of attracting the wrong crowd. This is very important thing and you should get results on the money spent.

Realistic expectations: according to your SEO agency should give you realistic expectations on the results to be achieved. The focus, in this aspect, should be on how long it will take to get to the top rank , as trying to get very far very soon will have a negative impact on the working relationship between client and firm.

Transparency: good SEO does not happen in a bubble, but needs good communication between the firm and the client. There should be open communication between the firm and the client so that the client is up-to-date about what is going on and knows exactly what he/she is paying for. It also helps the firm to make adjustments in line with the client’s wishes.

Monthly check-ins: a good SEO company should have monthly check-ins as they help the firm address any issues that may come up and give the client a chance to ask questions.

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